The Club was founded in May 1980, when a group of students from C.H Isleta Highschool split off the highschool team and decide to found the U.D. Taburiente. These founder members were: Orlando Déniz, Antonio Santana, Gerardo Rial, Marcos Naranjo, Antonio Martínez, Jerónimo Santana and Alfonso Cabral. The Club starts then to develop its activity in several schools of the city, specially those within the Isleta area. Another important core at the beginning of the Club was the Galicia School.

Throughout these years we have done much more than sports all year round: we have not only participated in Federative championships and organized several parties, trips, camps and set up stalls in some public festivities. Definitively there is a vision of the Club which perfectly reconciles the competitive field with the social one, giving priority to personal development.

In the sports area, the club is formed by approximately 320 players, divided in its different federative teams, and six training schools with an important number of trainers, who are paid small rewards at the end of the season.

The Club is in charged of the management of the artificial playing surface of El Lasso since February 1995. The field is located in the quarter of the same name, it is here where the teams train field hockey and where the games are played. Since April 1996 we co-partnership the Pabellón Isleta (sports hall) together with the C.B. Las Palmas, here our club develops all its indoor-hockey activities. The club’s head office is located in the Pabellón Isleta, it is used as a meeting point for all the members of the club, as well as the administrative centre.


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